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Iki-Bar is here to empower young business talents in Malaysia.

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1. Discover Your Passion

Career Navigation can be confusing! We hear you, that’s why we are here to provide you with resources to know yourself and the industry better.

Personality Test

Introvert or Extrovert?

Check out these personality tests to know yourself better.

Day in the life of

Ever wonder what life is like as a working adult?

Check out our industry insights to learn more.

2. Equip Yourself

Pick up essential skills and get ready for the next opportunity.

CV & Interview Tips

Get practical step-by-step guidance on how to craft a CV that can best highlight your achievements and make you stand out.

Business Skills Training

Learn widely sought after business skills and digital skills from our experienced trainers to equip yourself for the next opportunity.


We celebrate every milestone with you. Get certified for skills you acquire on our platform and showcase it to future recruiters.

3. Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Get coached by experienced business professionals and learn to be a leader to drive meaningful change. 

Why Should You Learn with Us?

Relatable Mentors

Our mentors are passionate young professionals from startup, marketing, finance and consulting fields who are eager to share their experience.

Practical Skillset

Our courses are designed in an interactive way with  hands on projects so that you can immediately apply what you learn with us to wherever you need it.

Bilingual Teaching

As Malaysians ourselves, we understand that not everyone is fluent in English. At Iki-Bar, You can sign up for English or Bilingual classes.

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