Iki-Space Ventures   

Our mission is to help establish Business Clubs in Malaysian Universities to foster a community of young business leaders. 


Do you know that in top biz schools, most connections and skills are acquired not in class but in business clubs and internships?

Iki-Space Ventures is an initiative to help establish business clubs in Malaysian universities to benefit more students.

Our founders have developed the curriculum and organisational structure and we are inviting student leaders who are passionate in our cause to join us!


We are looking for student leaders to bring Iki-Space Ventures to your Uni!

Join us if you want to:


Develop your leadership skills


Make meaningful impact on your community


Receive guidance from business professionals


Learn how to build an organisation

Our Programme

Semester 1: Business Skills Accelerator

Four Weeks Business Crash Course and complete a short guided project at the end of the semester.

Semester 2: Project-Based Learning

Work together in a team under the guidance of project advisor to help an organisation solve their business problem.

Semester 1: Iki-Camp

All members of Iki-Space Ventures will go through 4 weeks of Business Crash Course and complete a short guided project at the end of the semester.  Upon completion, you will gain a much better understanding of businesses and how you can bring value to companies.

Week 1

Business Framework

Learn key business models and frameworks to design corporate strategies.

Week 4

Business Communication

Learn how to structure presentations, write reports, and communicate effectively.

Week 2

Finance & Operations

Craft financial budget and project management concepts.

Week 5

Consult with Mentors

Apply what you have learned to solve a business case and consult your mentors.

Week 3

Digital Marketing

Learn key marketing framework and widely used digital marketing tools.

Week 6

Demo Day

Prepare a presentation on your business case and learn how you can improve.

Semester 2:

Project-Based Learning

Get matched with an organisation to solve its business problem.

Members of Iki-Space Ventures will work together under the guidance of a project advisor to help the organisation.

What support will you receive from us?


We will share our business curriculum and resources with you. 

Organisational Structure

As you are setting up the club, we will advice you on designing the organisational structure.


You are not alone in this! We will be guiding you along the way.

What do we expect from you?

Feel free to contact us via email if you have any questions. 

1. Form a team of 3 to 5 students from the same university

To ensure the success and sustainability of Iki-Space Ventures in your university, a minimum of 3 founding members are required to start the programme in your school. You can also sign up alone, we will pair you up with other students from your university.

2. Attend Iki-Bar Business Skills Accelerator Training

It is important for the founding team to understand the mission of Iki-Space Ventures and the programme that we want to deliver to our students. 

3. Be able to commit for 1 academic year

As the founding members and leaders of the club, it is important that you commit for one acad year and recruit the next batch of successors before your end your term.